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        Company culture

        Corporate culture is the embodiment of comprehensive strength, is a reflection of the extent of the corporate culture, but also the knowledge aspect of productive forces as the source material form Productivity

        Huaye Humanities pursuit: integrity work

        Prudential is based on mutual trust, is believed to be responsible for the performance, pay attention to integrity is fundamental, industry people and the survival and development, and respect for, loves his job, to do a noble profession, industry people who are constantly in pursuit.

        Huaye spiritual culture: pragmatic and harmonious development

        Pragmatic is the basic requirements of employees, industry, and it is the basic attitude of the staff work. China is the pursuit of the harmonious development of the industry, mainly in harmony, enterprises and customers to grow the three aspects of harmony harmony, enterprise and social progress of the common development of enterprises and employees.

        Huaye material culture: Masonic mutual benefit and win-win

        Employees and enterprises help each other, share the achievements of companies, is the substance idea UOL operations; customer satisfaction, mutual benefit and win-win China Industry Development Commercial Road.

        Huaye institutional culture: Innovation, Carry

        UOL enterprise system culture is manifested in human form on Consciousness, encouraging innovation, and resolutely implement the basic requirements, industry system management.

        Huaye behavior culture: from me to focus on professional

        Let every employee to establish a better life values, sincere Liren, Jing Ye, Li Qin things, dedication, dedication, from me, from now on.