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        Congratulations to guangzhou sanrong on the successful conclusion of the 2018 year-end commendation and 2019 annual meeting

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        On January 20, 2019, guangzhou sanrong packaging materials co., ltd. held the award ceremony for outstanding staff in 2018 and the annual meeting for Chinese New Year in 2019 in lijia village restaurant, conghua district, guangzhou.The annual meeting is led by the human resources department and presided over by general manager wu guoquan.The leaders attending this Spring Festival annual meeting include general manager wu guoquan, deputy general manager wu taichang, factory director liu muhe, special assistant to general manager wu taiyou, numerous directors, suppliers, customers and all staff of the group, totaling more than 420 people.


        Mr. Wu guoquan, general manager, will deliver the opening speech.General manager wu summarized the company's overall business performance in 2018 and affirmed the achievements.The reasons for the unachieved strategic goals of the company were analyzed. However, in view of the operating environment, industrial environment, national security and environmental protection in the year of 2018, the steady growth of performance was fully affirmed under the environment of strict control and strict management.And the company's strategic business objectives in 2019 were planned, in order to achieve the company's strategic objectives in the coming year and work together.


        The second part of the New Year's eve annual meeting: the 2018 outstanding staff commendation and awarding activities and the condolence activities for the poor staff and the poor students of conghua mingzhu primary school


        More than 400 people gathered, and 71 employees were honored in 2018.Among them, 29 are awarded the title of excellent staff, 4 are awarded annual progress award, 8 are awarded deputy growth award, 3 are awarded full attendance award, 12 are awarded skill expert award, 1 is awarded excellent management award, 6 are awarded service award, 3 are awarded best sales award, 1 is awarded best team award, 3 are awarded 10 years' staff contribution award, 1 is awarded 15 years' staff contribution award.Condolence difficult workers 6 people, condolence conghua mingzhu primary school excellent and difficult students 10 people.


        The third part of Chinese New Year celebration: 2018 year-end dinner and 2019 Chinese New Year celebration


        Commendation award after the completion of the spring party into the physical lottery and cash lottery link.The scene of the colleagues enthusiastic, wonderful performances one after another, let everyone acclamation, cheer non-stop, at this time of the three rong staff immersed in the sea of joy, here is the annual event, this is the home of the celebration, we applaud for the program, for the three rong cheers.


        The program performance and raffle in kind continued until about 15:30 PM. The whole recognition conference and welcome party lasted for nearly three and a half hours. With the departure of the suppliers and invited guests, the 2019 welcome party came to a successful conclusion.

        Finally, we would like to thank all the staff of human resources department and logistics department for their hard planning and organizing of the annual meeting, for the hard rehearsal of the cast and crew, for the strong support from the partners of the supporting manufacturers, and for the stage for sanrong company to give full play to our abilities!

        At this point, we wish sanrong company's performance in 2019 step by step higher and higher, the strategic goal will be achieved, also wish you all good luck in the year of the pig in advance, happy family!

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