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        Trend for lip gloss tube packaging

        Writer:SanrongSource:sanrong Number of visits: Date:2019-03-01 13:47:43

        Lip gloss with shinny look is attractive to end-users; metallized parts for lip gloss packaging are designed to match it. Such package makes the products at a high-end range. What is more, with the innovative of formula, packages tube with strong compatibility are very usefor.

        Some suppliers are focusing on the development of different applicators for lip packaging. Although it is a small part, it is all about innovation from materials to shaping. Some supplier developed lip applicators just for liquid lip color as it is getting popular. The purpose is to provide better using experience.

        Several of shapes for lip applicator are a new trend and this is an absolute innovative idea since the traditional applicator has not been changed much. Some new designs for lip packaging may able to show 3D shape, bullet, etc.

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