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        Oval Cosmetic Tube with Flip Top Cap

        Writer:SanrongSource:sanrong Number of visits: Date:2019-03-04 08:56:58

        Oval cosmetic tube with flip top cap(Oval cosmetic tube with flip top cap) series is one of SanRong Packaging’s popular products.The cap is oriented.

        The tube body can be in two different diameters asφ25mm and φ45mm with capacity from 20ml to 170ml. The materials of our tubes are PE for the tube body and PP for the cap.

        The tube orifice and cap orifice are fixed and will be different according to the diameter of tubes. The tube orifice needs to match the cap inner plug to make sure no leakage.

        This style of tubes can be produced in single layer, double layers and 5 layers according to customer’s requirement and the content Characteristics. There are decoration options as silk screen printing, Flexography,offset printing and hot stamping  too.

        Normally these tubes are used for gel,essence, cream and lotion packaging etc.

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