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        A small foil is not ‘small’

        Writer:SanrongSource:sanrong Number of visits: Date:2019-03-11 11:29:13

        We are asked about the questions about foil sealing these days, therefore, we would like to share more about it. Really, you will find the small foil seal for cosmetic tube is not ‘small’. 
        1. Are foils sealed by machine or manually different? 
        Many people think they are the same, but actually they are not. 
        Manual foils have glue and they may have chemical reaction with cream, gel or other cosmetic inside the squeeze tubes. But machine sealing foils don’t have; the PE surface of them will be melted by machine so that it will stick on the tube hole. Its function is very great, it can prevent leakage or penetration.
        2. There is leaving plastic on the cosmetic tube orifice, it looks not nice. It should move off when we peel off the foil, shouldn’t it? 
        Actually little leaving plastic is a normal situation because it is the melted plastic while sealing by machine. This rarely happens and, in fact, does not affect use.
        But what if there are many plastic leaving and it is difficult to peel off? Its reason is temperature of foil sealing machine might be too hot, but sometimes it is unavoidable because machine may not run stably. SanRong will test them after sealing to control their quantity among mass products is not big.

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