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        Usages of plastic tube packaging

        Writer:SanrongSource:sanrong Number of visits: Date:2019-03-18 10:08:37
        What kind of cosmetics can be used with plastic tube packaging? Below is a brief introduction based on different material?
        Mono-layer tube: commonly used for cleanser (cleanser, cream), cleansing cream (cleanser, cleansing cream), cleansing bubble, mask, essence, conditioner, etc.
        Double-layer tube: The applicability of double-layer tube and single-layer tube is exactly the same. But double-tube inside and outside can produce different tube color.
        Five-layer tube: usually for BB cream, cleansing cream, mask, whitening cleanser, cleansing bubble; eye cream, eye gel, essence, liquid foundation, aloe vela gel and so on. Also used for pharmaceutical packaging (such as topical ointment) and food packaging (such as mustard).
        Usually, we give the customer experience advice for plastic tube packaging. Specific conclusions would be decided by the customer, because we do not know what the ingredients are.  Careful customer will do the compatibility test before ordering

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