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        A new method to make ECO tube packaging

        Writer:SanrongSource:sanrong Number of visits: Date:2019-03-27 08:21:05

        Only in Europe, millions of plastic tube packaging and laminated cosmetic tubes were produced. Under the big trend for being eco-friendly, people have developed a new method to make ECO tube packaging.

        As we know, the raw material of cosmetic tubes is mainly polyethylene, which is not degradable. Then people think out one way to make the sauce of polyethylene more nature. Ethylene is produced from the ethanol (sugarcane biofuel). Then ethylene is polymerized in the polyethylene production, finally become the raw material of tubes.

        Tube packaging made with this raw material applies the same functions as the traditional one. It could be printed with 8C offset printing, 6C printing, hot stamping, etc.

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